Know Your Audience

We help you to reorganize your content and present in a style that impresses your core audience.

Design with Audience in mind

Whether you want to show the world, or just your neighborhood. We help you to focus and understand your audiences and design in a style to impress them.

Search Engine Ready

We help you to write content and structure your website that are search engine friendly.

Are you concern about search engine ranking?

Not only do we use the best content management system (CMS) available, WordPress, we use special plugin to help you analyze keywords in each post, link, title, page and image, optimizing search engine rankings.

Stay In Touch, Stay Social

We help you add social media icons, calendar, email newsletters etc to stay in touch with your audiences.

How do you communicate with your customers?

Social Media has become part of our lives. Marketing through your other social media outlets, exchange links with others will greatly increase your exposure and good for your search engine ranking too!

Design to fit different screen sizes

We choose fully responsive themes to design your website.

Laptop, Tablets and mobiles

No more worry about if your website will fit in different device sizes. We use only themes that are fully responsive. Now you can really show off anywhere!

Freedom to Update Yourself Anytime

We know you don't want to bother us with every change.

Step by step instruction sheet

We provide you with a personal instruction sheet with step by step instructions on how to make basic changes, such as text, images, add or remove event, calendar, blogs, prices, portfolio etc.

Support is just a click away.

We are always here for your questions, ideas and concerns.

Got a problem trying to update?

Whether it is a sudden problem or a new idea for your website, Simply send us a message via email, skype, viber, whatsapp. We will try to fix your problems and answer your questions in a timely manner.

It's a Small World.

Distance communication is no barrier for our team work.

Understanding our culture difference is what makes us shine.

We may have different cultures and traditions, but we all face challenges that life throw at us in similar ways. Diversity is what makes us SHINE here.

No Hidden Cost

We spend time to analyze and structure your website before giving you an estimate.

Thorough preparation and Clear Estimate.

We believe a well-prepared project is half the success. Constant communication between us is essential to avoid any misunderstanding. This is why we invest our time to guide in content preparation before we even start the design process. It’s a team work!

Multimedia Content

We use eye-catching sliders and design elements without crowding your page.

Videos, Audio Clip, Images all together? No Problem.

Putting video, image and/or even posts in the same slider create a modern and clean look. We also use different elements such as carousels, checklist, flip boxes, lightbox, pricing table, progress bar, counter boxs to fulfill your needs.



Our company started in 2002 a few blocks from World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, by helping individuals and small businesses to struggle in the aftermath of 911. Our clients include small restaurants, artists, writers, musicians, design firms, boutiques, schools etc.

Over the years, we had expanded our client base from local to international, by constantly exploring opportunities in both developed and developing countries, from big cities, to small towns, and remote villages. From travel agencies, hotels, resorts, to yoga instructors, or accessory stores, we grow as our clients diversify.

We firmly believe that culture difference is not a barrier for today’s business anymore. And by understanding different needs from different communities, we position ourselves to guide and support your venture, to ‘shine’ in a world market.